Air Condition System Cleaning

Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems need to be cleaned periodically as they perform the same function like our lungs in the body. Bacteria and mould spores are only able to grow where nutrients are provided along with moisture and oxygen, the nutrients are provided from dirt, dust and debris, animal dander inside of the air ducting which in all probability has never been cleaned since it was installed. This is also the cause of the musty odor present in the rooms.

Dirty A/C systems contribute very heavily to a variety of allergy related problems including frequent coughs and colds, post operational infections, asthma, skin rash, and various other allergy and allergy related illnesses.  To eliminate the high-risk area of infection and allergens the system is required to be properly cleaned and sanitized regularly.

Muscat EPSCO LLC cleans the complete air duct system to the American standard ACR 2013. This standard produced by NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaners Association) is used worldwide to ensure systems are professionally cleaned.

We are the only company in Oman, with staff Certified by NADCA to clean HVAC systems to NADCA standards.

Advantages of clean ducts apart from the obvious health benefits are:

  • Increased employee productivity – healthier people make better workers and reduce absenteeism.
  • Reduced Housekeeping Costs – the HVAC system is not pumping duct and dirty air into the occupied space.
  • Increased airflow – Air moves unobstructed by debris build up, blowers and fans do not need to cycle as long or as often.
  • Energy Saving, as motors and drives do not work as hard, less energy is consumed by the system.

We use Robotic Inspection and Cleaning techniques for surveys, inspection and Quality assurance purposes.



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