Drain Line & Grease Trap Cleaning.

Every type of drain line is susceptible to blockages which, if not kept clear, could result in potentially hazardous and serious flooding. Video Inspection and cleaning of drain lines is very important so that all grease traps, the associated pipelines, and filters are inspected and cleaned regularly in order to prevent major disasters from occurring.

We clean the drain lines of all the blockages using high pressure water jetting machine (working Pressure 245 bar / 3500 psi, Maximum flow rate : 72 litres/min) and a variety of special nozzles including the rotary cutter nozzle to cut the roots if seen during the inspections. We will then inspect the drain lines after cleaning using a boro-scope and will record the results on videotape.

Muscat EPSCO LLC locates, inspects, unblocks and cleans all types and sizes of pipelines.